I AM Tamara

“You’re a powerful woman, and paradigm shifter. Thank you for your beautiful heart and all the incredible work you do in the world. I love you and honor you. Sending infinite love from my heart."
- Paulina Serafina, The Spirit Whisperer

Welcome, I AM Tamara.

Awakener. Guide. Mentor. Homoeopath

My deep heart's passion and soul’s purpose is to teach, support and mentor you through your remembrance and awakening into the fullness of your self and your own truth.

To guide and facilitate your own unique awakening into your divine sovereign self.

My work involves mentoring, healing, intuitively guiding and creating space for you to witness, connect and align with your full self.
Nurturing you with love, compassion and full acceptance while you soften into your most vulnerable self, I believe is one of my greatest gifts to you.

I meet you with all that I AM, a wide open heart portal that transmits frequencies that act like keys to open your heart, activate and unlock the remembrance of your multidimensional self.
I use these frequencies with those who are ready to take this journey and rediscover the fullness of who they really are.

My medicine is deep, fierce and all encompassing.

I am able to see, know and feel the fullness of who you really are. I feel a great honour and so much joy in guiding you back to knowing it and embodying it fully in this lifetime.

I believe that our relationship with our multidimensional self is the most important and most honourable relationship to have, and it is that relationship that we will work with together.

If you are feeling the pulse to connect, soften and lean in to all that you are and are ready to commit to your self - I open my heart and welcome you to walking the path back to you and your power-full truth.

Welcome to your ReMembrance of Self...

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It is in the silence of our inner depths that we find connection to all that is.


“I have learnt how it feels to look up and this happens when your soul is filled with hope.” - Renee