I AM Tamara

“You’re a powerful woman, and paradigm shifter. Thank you for your beautiful heart and all the incredible work you do in the world. I love you and honor you. Sending infinite love from my heart."
- Paulina Serafina, The Spirit Whisperer

Welcome, I AM Tamara.

I support you to come back home to your s e l f. The truth, purity and fullness of who you truly are. 

Shedding and releasing the identities, patterns, stories, and practised ways of being that you are n o t... 
To then align with and embody more and more of the real you.

My work involves mentoring, self - healing, intuitively guiding and creating space for you to witness, connect and align with your full self. Nurturing you with love and compassion without judgment while you soften into your most vulnerable self. 

I keep it real. I don't offer the kind of support that involves me giving you the answers you seek or telling you what to do with your life and giving you the ‘right’ direction to go in. I support and catalyse you into feeling, knowing and listening to your own answers within your S e l f.
This is the reason a session with me is so dynamic and powerful, because who you truly are is dynamic and powerful and y e s you really do have all the answers within you. The key is to trust that when you actually truly need to know them, you will know them! Not a second before or after but in the precise moment you need to know. 
No searching or constant seeking, no outside influence telling you, no process or ritual to call it in.
Just YOU being in the stillness of YOU. 
I reflect who you deeply truly are back to you and through that interaction so much of who you are n o t begins to fall.

If you are feeling the pulse to connect, soften and lean in to all that you are and are ready to commit to your self - I welcome you to walk the path back to who you truly are. Your power-full, incredible S e l f.

I want to work with you!

Connect with me

It is in the silence of our inner depths that we find connection to all that is.


“I have learnt how it feels to look up and this happens when your soul is filled with hope.” - Renee