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A holistic and individualistic approach to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and wellbeing.

About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic Medicine is a medical science developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician. It is based on the principle that “like cures like”, known as the Law of Similars.
The development of this law into a system of therapeutics was achieved 200 ago years by Samuel Hahnemann who is considered the father of homeopathy.

Homoeopathy is a gentle and effective system of medicine. The medicines are prepared from natural substances (primarily plant and mineral) to precise standards and work by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. 
It is a highly scientific, logical, safe, quick and extremely effective method of healing.
The concept of disease in Homoeopathy is that disease is a total affection of mind and body – the disturbance of the whole organism.
Individual organs are not the cause of illness but a disturbance at the inner level (disturbance of the life force, the vital energy of the body ) is the cause of illness.

The Homoeopathic practitioner prescribes medicine which will cover the disturbance of the whole person on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

“Tamara’s homeopathic remedies are the ‘take away’ for the work to continue once I have left.
The real healing starts in her office and with every appointment.” – Jane


Homeopathic Medicine: $25
Homoeopathic Medicine liquid eye dropper bottle: $30
Homoeopathic Medicine vial (pilules): $25
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