Words of Appreciation

“She has supported me in developing into the strong,
independent and confident woman I am today.” – Heidi

“I was blessed to cross paths with Tamara during a traumatic time in my life 12 months ago.  I was going through a marriage separation and felt I had lost part of myself.  On reflection I was scattered, stressed and I  was suffering from compassion fatigue, being a mother of two teenagers having a high level job and mourning the loss of my best friend. 

I knew I needed help to bring my world back into focus and I was at a loss on how to do that.  I knew the concept of homeopathic medicine and I felt that if I dealt with the physical self then the mental and emotional would work out In time.  What I didn’t know was the powerful and intuitive way Tamara works.  From my first consult I started healing.

Tamara was able to therapeutically listen then use her skill and intuition to guide my homeopathic journey.  The most important thing Tamara said in the first session was ‘you need to feel to heal’ and due to the caring and loving approach Tamara showed I was able to let go and trust in the process.  I have to be honest, I was bought to my knees,  I really did FEEL all the emotions I had bottled up, the root causes of my emotions came to the surface.  

During this process I felt fully supported and prepared for what was to come, it wasn’t and easy process but I am so glad I went through it with Tamara.  I truly believe that my healing could have dragged out over years and potentially lead to dis-ease as I have seen with many friends, choosing to work with Tamara was one of my best decisions as she was able to facilitate an intense healing journey in a loving and supported way.  

This has given me the freedom I needed to move forward and start manifesting great things into my life.   I feel so much gratitude for Tamara being an instrumental part of my healing team.   

I feel really emotional writing this,  looking back at the person I was compared to now, and to be able to have done in such a short time. 

Thank you Tamara.”

– Blessings, Cat  x

“Your amazing ability to intuitively know is just none other than remarkably divine.

You have changed my live and helped me grow to where spirit wants to guide me… I’m awake now & listening & I’m excited about my future & for that of my children.”
– Hayley

“This is a thank you from me to you today – for all your advice and support so far. 

I’ve been listening to an audio book this past week that reinforces so much of what I’ve learned from you. Although I have always known that you’re a wise and intuitive soul; with each new day, that which you’re teaching becomes more relevant and even more applicable to my own journey here.

I think mainly, the messages that *I am love*, as well as our interconnectedness with every living thing, is getting very clear for me now. When this is clear to me, I don’t feel fear at all. 
Thank you again so much, I’m so grateful we crossed paths.”
– Tori xo

“I came into Homeopathy with no understanding as to what it was about but with an open mind and in a position where I was looking for another way of dealing with an emotional trauma I was suffering at the time.

From my first session with Tamara things moved into the positive very quickly but the process has lasted with me for many years. Tamara has a rare gift insight into my life, emotions and the way I operate in the world. I must say I never believed in auras before but she has a powerful healing presence that has helped me time and again.

Her treatments have proven powerfully effective. Homoeopathic treatments work with rather than on me. I think more clearly, have regained my confidence I look and feel healthier and am much happier.

I owe a major debt of thanks to Tamara our work together and her treatments have turned my life around, I recommend her to everyone I know.”
– Andrew W

“I have been thinking about all that I have learnt from seeing you. There is more to say, but for now, very simply, I have learnt how it feels to “look up”, and this happens when your soul is filled with hope. you have taught me to drop into my heart, feel the sensation of my heartbeat, close my eyes, breathe in………then something magical happens…….

I have found that I can’t help but look up, with a smile, because my body and all senses are flooded with happiness, joy, courage and empowerment, also known as hope…
– Renee xxoo

“Tamara has been an inspiration to me. She is energetic and passionate, warm and caring and has the ability to listen and holistically tune into what is needed from each session.
Tamara’s experience, knowledge and skill, teamed with her compassion make her unique in her field. She has brought me so much over the years, encouraging my growth and development, persisting through my stubbornness and most importantly always guiding me.

To me, Tamara’s homeopathic remedies are the ‘take away’ for the work to continue once I have left.

The real healing starts in her office and with every appointment.

I would highly recommend Tamara’s services to anyone in need of guidance and healing on all levels.”
– Jane V

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“What an amazing woman Tamara is. She could, just by asking one question, open a whole Pandora’s box of memories and experiences that were in the recesses of the mind.” – Jo

“My first visit with Tamara was on the recommendation of a health practitioner in 2007. That was a start of a journey that continues to this day.

Homoeopathic medicine is more than just achieving good health; it is about helping you achieve your optimal life. For me, Tamara’s professional knowledge and compassion have helped not only with my health but also on my life journey.

If living life to the full is for you, then I highly recommend Tamara Gurney to help you on this journey.”
– Jo-anne Simcox

“After my darling dad passed away and I suffered my third miscarriage within the year, I needed someone to help me understand how this could happen to me. I turned to Tamara as she was recommended by a girlfriend.

The homeopathic medicines and hours of inspiring conversations (I believe) were a major contributor to my healing journey and the successful full term pregnancy’s that followed. Tamara is an Angel with a beautiful calming soul!”

– Rach R

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“Tamara has been an invaluable help to my family and me for the past 3 years. She has given us sound advice along with confidence and reassurance to deal with a variety of emotional and physical ailments.

She is extremely generous with her time and has exceptional empathy when dealing with young children. I would have no hesitation is recommending her services.”

– Erica

“Tamara Gurney has been my homoeopath for over seven years. I have been extremely lucky to have found Tamara and thankful for her expert help. Tamara has helped me with a range of physical symptoms but most of all Tamara has been a pivotal source of strength and her treatments have helped me through several major events in my life.

As a homeopath and as a person, I find Tamara to be remarkably compassionate, grounded, realistic, and wise. Tamara devotes a great deal of effort in her sessions and her intelligence and amazing intuition strengthens her abilities as an outstanding Homoeopath.

Tamara has an extraordinary level of healing knowledge and has taught me to read my body and most of all to have faith in the way our bodies and minds connect. I can assure you that you are in the most expert hands with Tamara Gurney.”

– Eliza Reddy

“Tamara helped me enormously through a difficult time in my life. It took some persistence, but her guidance eventually led me to change my whole outlook on life. I now have that ‘inner peace’ that I had been wanting for so long. With my new attitude, everything else in my life seems to have fallen into place. I am happier and healthier than I ever have been.

Thank you Tamara, for all of your advice and support.”

– Anna M

“With each new day, that which you’re teaching becomes more relevant and even more applicable to my own journey.” – Tori