Inner Alchemy

Mentoring Program

Feeling the pull to go really deep?
Are you desiring to know, feel and live as your true self in all that you are living into?

The Program

For 8 weeks you and I will together walk the path that leads you back to you. I have designed this intensive self awareness program to guide and nurture you through the depths of your self on every level.

My intention is that you lose who you think you are to find who you truly are.

To step fully into the fullness of who you are and for you show up as your authentic true self in all that you are living. To shed and clear the parts of you that are not truly you, your programming and conditioning, patterns, old habits and the identities you have created along the way.

If you are reading this, you are ready.

This program in not so much about DOing it is about BEing, although there is work to do! There are no rules, no judgements, no marks at the end, no right or wrongs.

This is your own personal journey, you will receive as much as you put into it and your level of commitment and self honesty will determine the result. 

Each week we will look at different aspects of self, belief and thought patterns, programming and conditioning, family lineage, patterning and delve into how you are showing up or not showing up for your self and how this is influencing your relationship with SELF, with others and how it impacts on your current reality.

My commitment to you is to show up fully as my whole and true self and gift you with the wisdom and the medicine that I have embodied throughout my own life journey. To connect with you in vulnerability, openness and raw honesty.

Each person to enter this sacred relationship with me and with themselves will experience it differently, but all will receive the gifts, wisdom and medicine they need to deepen their relationship with self, with their own inner guidance and connection to source.

This program is designed for you if you are:
  • Feeling the pull to connect deeper within your self and embody more of who you truly are.
  • Wanting to learn how to connect and build a relationship with your multidimensional aspects of self.
  • Feeling disconnected from your creativity.
  • Wanting to connect with your souls path and purpose + birth your unique medicine and wisdom.
  • Wanting to live a life of sacredness and self honour.
  • Ready to invest in your Self.
  • Wanting to turn the mundane into acts of ceremony, joy and love.
  • Ready for deep healing.
  • Wanting to live in your truth and authenticity with courage and joy.
Welcome to your path back to you…
What the program includes:
  • 8 x weeks of mentoring
  • 4 x one on one personal 60-90 minute sessions with Tamara
  • 8 x weekly video’s with detailed work for the week
  • 8 x weekly email’s
  • 8 x group calls with open Q & A
  • Private group message thread on Telegram
  • Heart healing transmissions.
  • Channeled guidance and wisdom.
  • Open email access to Tamara within business hours
  • 15% discount on the Alchem{ess} sacred ally range.

(payment plan available)

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“Your amazing ability to intuitively know is just none other than remarkably divine.” – Hayley

Words of appreciation for the Inner Alchemy Mentoring Program

How I feel about you and the incredible birth of this program you have created, has simply blown me away.

Tamara, what you have created, is so potent and powerful, it will change lives. It has changed my life.

My heart is full of gratitude. I now know I don’t need to go anywhere but within myself, to find unconditional love and nurturing.

The I AM program has opened my eyes and my heart to a life I want to live. Over a year ago I had cancer. This beautiful, sacred program has played a massive part of my healing.

I am now the Creatress of my life. The medicine and tools I have acquired from this program, are teachings that are now a part of me forever.

Not only have I learnt so much, but I have gained sisters for life. I am so grateful to Tamara who has created such a powerful program that is life changing.

The I AM programme has helped me to become more personally responsible for my life. Instead of falling straight into the victim/poor me mentality when something I perceive to be not going my way in my life happens, I now take a step back and look within to see where the emotion is really coming from!!!!!!

I now know that I AM perfect, whole and complete exactly as I am and have learnt to love all aspects of my personalities. I now feel more confident within myself as a person, partner mother etc and can get through my day with more ease and grace as I now have the tools from this programme to pull on for as long as I feel necessary. Or until Tam produces an I AM 2 Programme.

The unconditional love, support and honesty that Tam provided me with while I found my true self again was a love like the one I now have for myself when I am truely loving the beautiful soul that I AM!!!

If you are looking to really open yourself up to the truth of who you are and to reach your full potential I highly recommend this program. 

Tamara is the most beautiful, amazing, supportive and genuinely honest woman I have had the privilege of having in my life. She has shown me what it is to love unconditionally and how to be the best me I can be. 

Forever Grateful 

Tamara, I’d like to thank you for creating the space for sharing your unconditional self with us.

Some of my biggest learning from these 8 weeks are:

Instead of hiding my shadow self and getting caught in the stories and drama I am telling myself, is to embrace unconditionally this aspect of myself because – The shadow will always seek the light.

I have been able to embrace the challenges that you have asked of us and to delve into these challenges sometimes with passion, sometimes with resistance but learning to love and encourage my feeling to surface, lean into these feeling, loving them unconditionally, and sending them to the light, for this I am truly grateful.

Being involved in this group has been motivating, encouraging and supportive. Also knowing that I am enough and that this gives me so much pleasure.

I have met some wonderful women who have trusted me with their lives and I thank them for their unconditional love.

I will take these 8 weeks forward with me to create daily intentions into the future.

Thank you 
Thank you 
Thank you for your intuition, wisdom and guidance.
Sending Unconditional Love
Judy S.

I am well and truely walking the flames, I can’t go back, now that I am awake. My eyes are open.

I am eternally grateful for this sacred program and for you….beautiful woman.

I absolutely hold you in such admiration and love.

Thank you for changing my life in a way that I could only dream about. Through all the pain and fire and highs and lows and love, I know that

I am enough.
I love you xoxo

At the beginning of the IM program my aim was to be balanced, present and grounded.

With the guidance and help of Tamara and support from my sisters, I have achieved this!

I AM…. so glad I choose to attend this program so I could become the person I know I could be.

Thank you, Tamara, for all your support, love and guidance.

The opportunity to embark on the I AM program arrived at exactly the right time for me to experience changes I had been searching for. I was at a crossroads, as I didn’t want to continue on my current life path, yet I didn’t know where to look.

Little did I know, that I held all the answers to my questions and could create the life I wanted. Through Tamara’s loving, yet no excuses guidance and mentoring approach, I created the space to reconnect with myself and allow for the new growth and guidance I was seeking, which I wonderfully found within myself.

I really love that this program is about life learning, there is no right or wrong, it is about being authentically you, honest and loving and you are always exactly where you are meant to be.

I wish you well on you journey.

You feel a world of emotions – excitement, doubt, joy, fear… absolute fear – and that’s all before the first day of the program.

When the first group email landed in my inbox, I was terrified of what was to come in the 8 weeks that followed – but I felt the fear and persevered, and I am so very grateful that I did.

Tamara and the group were there supporting me and holding space for me.

If you sign up for the program – you need to commit. You need to invest the time every week, and you need to show up.

It will challenge you. It will make you cry. But you will come out the other side a different, higher vibing person.

I am so glad that I participated in the 8 week program.

Tamara – Thank you for all of your support, guidance, time and love.

It has been an invaluable experience!

For me the program was a combination of easy and challenging, but Tamara, you were always there offering your love and support which made the challenging times easier to navigate.

I do feel that I cope with life in general a lot better then I was doing before I started the program!

I am just going with the flow more. I am looking for the lesson/blessing in each challenge or annoyance these days, and focusing more on gratitude, so definitely some forward/upward progress happening.

Oh and yes, I have put my hand up to teach one yoga class a week at the local Pilates studio with a fantastic bunch of ladies starting next month. Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but in a good way and a gentle transition into having confidence.