Your Sacred Sovereign Self

Mentoring Program

Guidance for supporting your self through your Sovereign Awakening and Re-Membrance.

The Program

Welcome Beautiful Heart!
The ‘Your Sacred Sovereign Self’ Online 4 week program was created and birthed from my deep desire and intuitive guidance to support those of us consciously moving through our Awakening and ReMembrance.

As I live and navigate my own path forward as an aware + awake multidimensional human being, I understand the need for honest and compassionate support.
We are in a time energetically that we have never been in before and it is now more than ever that we need to lean in, to know how to hold and support ourselves as well as feel safe to turn to trusted authentic guidance with those of us who are here as awakeners + leaders as we move into unity consciousness and embody more of our soul self within our human form.

I offer you all of my wisdom, medicine and experience along with Intuitive and channeled guidance + energetic transmissions specific to each intimate group of hearts that gather together for this program.

My intention is to create a safe and sacred sovereign container for you to be held in while you receive all that you need to become aware of in this now moment, on your path as an awake + conscious human being, Re-Membering more and more of who you really are.

If your heart is calling for connection, support and unity with other resonant hearts - I welcome you with so much love to join me in the raw and real devotion, ceremony, truth and celebration of all that you are now and all that you are infinitely becoming.

During your 4 week YSSS Program you will receive guidance, support and mentoring on:
  • How to create awareness + devotion within your relationship with self and connecting with your spiritual guides
  • Water alchemy/ceremony/blessings
  • Boundaries/sovereign space keeping
  • Honouring and allowing the emotional mental clearing/releasing/purging/inner alchemy
  • Honouring the present with your presence
  • BEing - How to BE
  • How to be authentic and transparent with your expression + anchored into your truth
  • Devotion + ceremony for self-care.
  • What is happening during your Re-Membrance
  • Channeled guidance
  • Activating + healing light code heart transmissions
  • Unification with your shadow self
What the YSSS Program Includes:
  • 4 weekly videos + emails
  • 3 live group Zoom 60 - 90 minute mentor calls with Q&A
  • Personal Email/text support with Tamara during business hours.
  • 15% discount in the Alchem{ess} online shop

Total Investment: $444
(payment plan available)

Available Internationally via Zoom.

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It’s in the silence of our inner depths that we find true connection to all that is.