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  • Episode 5 : Pain knows Its Path August 26, 2020
    Pain knows its path. It knows its purpose and its path. It may take you to your knees and into your shadow, traversing all that you have avoided and feared and held so tightly but its headed for the light! Soften, lean IN and give way to the pain. Surrender. Put your trust in your […]
    Tamara Gurney
  • Episode 4 : SoulSpeak with KATRINA SMITH June 4, 2020
    Katrina Smith is my special guest in this episode. Katrina is an amazing gifted artist, seer, healer and her business Heart and Hands reflects all of her incredible light that goes into her array of creations.  Join Katrina and I in our open and transparent conversation around the light and the dark, inner child work, […]
    Tamara Gurney
  • Episode 3 : Everyday Rituals.. Turning the mundane into S A C R E D June 4, 2020
    In this episode I share some of my favourite everyday rituals for turning the mundane acts of human life into sacred acts of divine connection, grace and healing. Intention is our access to the sacred.
    Tamara Gurney
  • Episode 2 : Q&A Questions I ask myself when I am seeking guidance? June 4, 2020
    Sharing my go to questions and practices when I am calling forth guidance, clarity, resolution and healing.. Your greatest guidance and healing will always come forth from within YOU xo
    Tamara Gurney
  • Episode 1 : The desire to hold on to a particular state of being June 4, 2020
    Do you long to obtain and hold on to a particular state of being and then judge yourself when you cant seem to stay in that state of joy, clarity or feeling of lightness etc…? In this episode I touch on why you cant and why thats perfectly ok!
    Tamara Gurney
  • Your Sacred Sovereign Self Podcast – Introduction + Intention June 4, 2020
    An invitation to join me within a sacred container where I touch on all things human, heart, psyche and soul with raw and real devotion, ceremony, truth and the celebration of all that we are now and all that we are infinitely becoming.  Also featuring beautiful guests that I admire and honour to share their […]
    Tamara Gurney