Love, support and guidance for your inner devotion to self sovereignty. Together...

The Gathering


Join me in an intimate gathering where we come together, like minded and resonant. 

To be supported, seen, heard and acknowledged.

I'll talk about what's been coming up for the month, relevant topics of how we can deeply support ourselves, themes and patterns I have been witnessing and supporting clients letting go of, plus i'll answer any questions to support you moving your self though whatever it is you are traversing within and in your life.

Its a space to support your body, your heart and your understanding of your self during life as we know it in this time of huge change.

A safe and sacred space to deeply receive support and understanding.

Send in your questions during the month and I will address them anonymously in the session.


We will be keeping it real, raw and relaxed!
Herbal tea and nibbles.
Couch or floor pillows.
Crystal singing bowls.


The SoulSpeak Sessions are designed to be nourishing, supportive and personally expansive.
In the Energy of Togetherness ❤︎❤︎


  • Held monthly
  • Minimum of 4 seats and Maximum of 8 seats available at each monthly session.
  • $60 seat/month
  • 2 hr duration



If this feels like a yes for you - please sign up and join the SoulSpeak Collective (on home page or pop up) to receive your invitation each month to The SoulSpeak Sessions.

Investment $60/seat




Beautiful lady I just want to send so much love and gratitude to you for all you birth into this lifetime for people like myself who long to heal, grow, release and find the truth of who they are. The light you shine out into the world is truly unique and unconditional and you are a true inspiration to me!


Friday night was AMAZING, our circle was truly beautiful in many ways and felt on a deeper soul level. The energy and high vibration that radiated around us was magick and uplifting. I felt blessed to be in the presence of this space where love and peace surrounded us and stayed with me for days.

Helen xx

Dear Tamara

I so enjoyed our time together. For me it was powerful while at the same time very gentle. You are a very gentle teacher allowing us to reach our own place with total acceptance, joy and love.  Blessings and Love for your future plans.

Love Mary Marsh

More Words of Appreciation

It’s in the silence of our inner depths that we find true connection to all that is.