One on One Sessions

Personal Mentoring

“You are an amazing woman, who since the day I met you I found wise, uplifting and inspirational.” – Talia

About The Session

During a one on one session, you will be held energetically in a beautiful unconditionally loving sacred and safe space while we explore what is happening within you on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Intuitively I will use my gifts of insights, compassion and wisdom to guide you to a place of healing, self love, awareness and alignment.

You will be honoured and heard while you express your deepest fears, desires, traumas and perspectives on your life events and relationships. I will guide and mentor you back to your relationship with self, your connection to spirit and heart centred consciousness.

With each session we will talk openly and honestly, move past the victimhood and martyrdom consciousness and allow space for your authentic truth to be revealed and embodied.

Each session unfolds perfectly in its unique individual way, guided and facilitated by your higher self for what you are needing and are able to receive at the time, for your highest good.

As a qualified Homoeopath and energy healer you will be prescribed energy medicine as a powerful tool in transformation and healing to compliment your session.

My passion and souls purpose to guide you back to you, open your heart and trigger the memory of your multidimensional being, which awakens you to your divine truth and sovereignty, make a one on one session deeply powerful and transformative.

A one on one session will resonate with you if you are:

:Ready to take radical responsibility for what you are creating in your life.
:Ready to transform and heal past traumas, self defeating believe systems by learning how to love all parts of you.
:Wanting to feel ease and flow in your life and follow your souls intuitive guidance.
:Ready to understand your relationship with self and align with it as your most important relationship.
:Wanting to embody and align with your souls essence to feel and know your self as a sovereign being.
:Wanting to live and create your life from a heart centred consciousness.

I welcome you to your beautiful awakening and remembrance…
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1:1 Adult Alchemical Single Session
One hour $265
1:1 Alchemical Mentoring Packages
3 months – $3330
6 months – $6660
Packages Include:
  • email within business hours.
  • 30min phone or online Zoom support check in once per week.
  • 1:1 one hour session every 2 weeks.
  • Clear outline of what we are working on together/your intentions/desires/the places within that are calling you for deep healing and clearing.
  • What individual wisdom and medicine wants to come through you.
  • What is wanting to be created and birthed through you.
  • Channelled guidance, insights into your souls path.
  • Healing Heart Transmissions with each session.
Payment plans available.

Please Note – Cancellation fees strictly apply to missed sessions or cancelled sessions without a minimum of 48hrs notice. Thank you

Without your darkness there cannot be an awareness of your light.