1:1 Alchemical Sessions

Personalised Intuitive Mentoring, Guidance, Support + Healing

“You are an amazing woman, who since the day I met you I found wise, uplifting and inspirational.” – Talia

About The Session

Simply put, my job description is that I guide and encourage you back home to your self.

How that happens is very hard to put into words or to provide a detailed explanation... 

My work here is fuelled by a fire within and when I am in it with you, its a bodily felt sense of alchemy within that cannot be described in words. 

If you feel moved to connect with me, you are meant to. Trust this inner pulse. 
Everything else will take place from there and your session will be what ever it needs to be for you.

We are all here to be and embody more of ourselves and how that looks and materialises is so different for each of us, so each session is different and builds on the last. 

To try and give you an idea of our experience together...
During a one on one session, I use my gifts of insight, compassion and wisdom to guide you to a place of inner alignment, empowerment, self - healing, real and true self love and clarity.

You will be honoured, acknowledged and heard while you express what ever is present and rising from within you in each moment.
I will guide and mentor you back to your relationship with your multidimensional self, your connection to your own source and heart centred wisdom.

We uncover any belief systems, the false self, identities, conditioning, patterns and programs to allow space for your own authentic self to be revealed + more fully embodied.

We come to a place of deep self understanding, clarity and freedom while feeling grounded and anchored within s e l f.

As a Homoeopath I will prescribe vibrational medicine as powerful allies in your transformation and healing journey to compliment our session together.

My passion and purpose to guide you back to feeling and knowing your connection with your own source, to empower and encourage you to materialise more of your own and true self make a one on one session deeply powerful, potent and transformative!


I welcome you to walk the path back to your own true self…

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Ways to Work With Tamara + Investment

1:1 Adult Alchemical Single Session

1.5hr - 2hr Session ~ $200
Includes session + frequency transmission + one personally prescribed homoeopathic formula + crystal bowl sound integration.

1hr Session ~ $130
Includes session + frequency transmission + one personally prescribed homoeopathic formula.


1:1 Alchemical Mentoring Session Package

Per month - $600

Package Includes:

  • Unlimited email and text within business hours.
  • 30 min phone call support check in (alternate week to session).
  • One on One - 2hr session every 2 weeks.
  • Clear outline of what we are working on together/your intentions/desires/the places within that are calling you for your deepest healing and clearing.
  • What is wanting to be created and birthed through you.
  • Heart Transmissions with each session.
  • One prescribed personalised Homoeopathic Medicine with each session.
  • A powerful, supportive, sacred space and 1:1 connection for the unfolding of more of who you are to embody.


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Your greatest guidance and healing will always come forth from within you.


Tamara is a beautiful soul , who created a safe space for me to release a lifetime of pain, I felt seen and heard for the first time in my life.
I can’t thank her enough for her support, understanding and above all her guiding light.
I feel truly blessed to have met her.
Fiona Parish



Seriously how do I explain to someone else what a caring, compassionate, understanding,  loving, confident, non judgemental person you are. It takes someone very special  to calm my nerves and enable me to feel safe enough to say everything i need to. 

When i feel alone and that no-one understands me you are the one i can rely on to help me see things as they really are. 

During my dark times you are always there to comfort and help me.

To me Tamara, a mentor has certain qualities. They can guide, inspire, be informative and insightful as well as the other things mentioned earlier. All these qualities you possess my friend.

As my spiritual mentor your understanding and insightfulness has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. By guiding me with love and understanding, you inspire me to become the best person I can be and realise I am capable of anything.  


Tamara is a radiant being of light sent here to guide us back to our true selves. No matter the reason you go to her for, Tamara will listen, laugh, cry and encourage you along every step of the way with a patience unlike any other!

For myself she has brought me further into the being I truly am but for my son the changes in him have been truly life changing. My boy is a level 3 autistic sweetheart who before we asked for help was very much in his own world with very little eye contact or interaction. Now however he has come out of his shell so much it makes me cry from happiness to see. He not only now looks at you and interacts but will initiate affection on his own. He is now starting to reach out to random strangers as they go past instead of ignoring the world. And instead of silence we now so many noises!!! (With help from our lovely speech therapist).

For us being able to see his personality now compared to before is breathtaking.... We knew it was there deep down but Tamara helped us and him bring out to show the world!

And so now instead of calling her simply Tamara she is to us, now and for always our dearest Aunty T

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU

Emma Walkley

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