Lymphatic Flow

Lymphatic Flow
Contains Homoeopathic medicines and Bach flowers traditionally indicated to assist in cleansing and draining the lymphatic pathways.


Alchem{ess} Support Essences are a formulated blend of Homeopathic Medicines and Bach Flowers, alkaline water and pure grape spirit alcohol.
Each bottle is infused with love and intention to support and stimulate your own healing ability and charged within a crystal energetic grid.
Each formula is based on traditionally indicated remedies for each condition/symptom.


Lymphatic Flow
Contains Homoeopathic medicines and Bach flowers traditionally indicated to assist in cleansing and draining the lymphatic pathways.


Every 2 hours daily.
Best used daily for long term use – up to 3 months. Have a break for a month and if needed use again.
Use as needed. Up to 8 doses a day.


phytolacca 6c silica 6x calc sulph 6x nat phos 6x mag phos 12c nat sulph 6x sulphur 6c nux vomica 6c crab apple. Alcohol. Alkaline water.


10 drops under tongue for each individual dose
Medicate a glass or bottle of pure water with 10 drops and take a mouthful for each individual dose.



  • Take Homoeopathics at least 15min away from food, brushing teeth and using mouth wash.
  • Homoeopathic medicine is absorbed by the mucus membranes, not the GIT. Therefore holding the medicated water in your mouth for a 5 – 10 seconds before swallowing is advised.
  • Once an improvement has occurred in your symptoms, decrease your dosages until full improvement has been felt. Then stop taking the formula. 
  • Use only when the corresponding symptoms present.
  • Store your Homoeopathic formula away from extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight. Not in the fridge. 
  • Do not store with camphor products or essential oils.
  • Do not interchange the dropper with other formulas. If the dropper touches the mouth or tongue please run under boiling water to sterilise before putting the dropper back into the bottle. 
  • Each bottle contains 15% pure grape spirit alcohol as its preservative. 


Use only as directed
Always read the information provided
If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.

The information is not intended for the treatment of chronic, longstanding or serious conditions in the home.

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Homeopathy is considered low risk by the TGA and our advice and product information is based on TGA regulations and traditional indications. All remedy-related information on the Alchem{ess} website is drawn from Homeopathic Pharmacopoeias and Materia Medicas listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia and referenced worldwide.