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I am guided to write about A L L O W I N G.

As you would have read in my last SoulSpeak, my life is full of Phoenix flames and has gone through huge transformation and transmutation of late… 

With my dad and his process of making his transition into non physical being incredibly painful and completely unpredictable and changeable from day to day, to my relationship going through its own death and rebirth along side of that.

To say things have been difficult would be the greatest  fucking understatement EVER! 

The insights and wisdom that has come from these experiences is absolute gold though and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing. 

Take a moment to reflect on one or more of the most painful experiences in your life – remember falling apart, stretching yourself so far that you felt you would never come back into a place of peace or comfort, not knowing how you would ever make it to the other side of the pain. Now come into the NOW moment and connect with all that you are because of that pain and all that came with the experience…

You would not be ALL that you are right now had you not walked the path you have walked.

What we forget to acknowledge most of the time is that we consciously or unconsciously allowed ourselves to become everything that we are in each moment of our human experience. 

We allow to different degrees – sometimes we allow a-lot and other times we constrict and resist what our allowing would enable us to embody and re-member. 

Allowing is an art. 

Its also one of the most profound and powerful arts we can practice on a conscious level if we really want to be present in the process of our inner alchemy.

Allowing every emotion to be felt and acknowledged in the now moment means we don’t interrupt the natural process of clearing and integration. 

Allowing others around us to be just as they are in each now moment means that our relationships  are authentic and always honoured for what they are and where they are going/growing. 

Allowing death to be as much a part of life as life is a part of death allows us to feel and know that the life force flowing through us is eternal and that every ending is also a beginning. 

Allowing our hearts + higher self to lead the way, to inform us of our next step and to show us the truth of every moment means we can be aware of fear and of our egos intentions – therefore we can stay centred in the empowerment of choice as to which one we will feed and take action from. 

Allowing our physical bodies to communicate with us, to teach us true unified connection allows us to be all that we designed ourselves to be as a light body within a human body. To exist and experience pure consciousness within the human experience on this earth. 

A L L O W I N G is also surrendering and surrendering is also trusting. 

Surrendering the need to control outcomes and trusting that each moment brings us into a space that is gifting us with what we need to experience and to feel into our next highest potential. 

Today I really want to invite you to just allow yourself to feel and be whatever is in your now moment. To not be afraid of letting go, experiencing each emotion that wants to move through you.

Just breathe and allow. Without any attachment to what it means or what story it belongs to. Just allow and A L L O W yourself to be taken to exactly where you need to BE. 

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