A Reminder…. Unity Consciousness

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I want to remind you of something – You volunteered to be in your physical body this lifetime.

The purpose for being here to to be all that you are, to express your own individual blue print of sovereignty that ultimately aids humanity and our planet to raise its consciousness to a level of remembrance and create a new earth ON earth.

We all have our unique contribution in all of this.

You are designed with an inbuilt guidance system that will forever lead you to fulfil your mission through  a path of love. With so much of humanity feeling a separation within themselves from their own truth, its indicative of how important each persons purpose is. The potent feelings of lack, fear, unfulfillment, hate, rage, sadness and loneliness are powerful messages that humanity needs to listen and quite the noise from the outside to be able to hear the inner voice of the soul. 

Your remembrance and awakening may not look like you think it should.

what should it look like? nothing.

what should it feel like? everything. 

Awakening into your remembrance is all about the feeling within your physical body and your world. Its not going to be this sudden big bang where you wake up and look like buddha LOL.

Its an inner alchemical process whereby your cells are able to hold more of your light, your human awareness becomes expanded and unconditioned. your heart softens and opens and your perception is clearer without so much judgment.

Can we as humans get to a point where judgment isn’t a part of our perception? To answer this we have to understand why we judge in the first place – judgment is a place we stand in when we are feeling less than, when we need to justify to ourselves and others how we are feeling and perceiving. Its a cover up and a bypassing of our hidden truth and current reality – if we can negatively focus on another enough to deny our own pain and insecurities maybe they will disappear..?!!

So… if judgment is the symptom of separation and pain within oneself, the cure must be unity. Unity within self is potent and absolute unconditional love of self. Yes, we can get to that point. It will take deep self awareness and accountability and recognition that Unity Consciousness is our natural state of being.

In truth we are already there. We are already that. Allowing the illusion and the veil to dissolve will reveal ALL that we are! 

Be gentle with your self, you are exactly where you need to be for where you are going.

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