Every decision you make is on path and purpose. You cannot get it wrong.

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Life is constantly gifting us with the opportunity to make new decisions. From what we feed our bodies, to how long we sleep for/work for/play for. Who we hang out with, who we enter a relationship with, how we dress, how we respond to life, how we interact with others etc..

Even when it comes to the bigger life decisions such as a new path to take, a new direction in a relationship, a new job, new location to live, giving birth to an idea/business/offering/child – we spend so much time thinking it over and doubting if it will work. Usually what we mean by ‘work’ is if it will be successful in the eyes of our societal conditioning, if we will make enough money, if others will approve etc?

What if we instead, spent that time thinking and accepting that it would work out? How different would your journey be or have been?

You see, life is always working out FOR YOU. Every decision you make calls in new circumstances, events and people that are here to help you in some way.

It may not always seem like it, but it truly is.

Everything is here to help you in life.

When we face our decisions from this perspective and from within our heart space we can literally FEEL the alignment or misalignment of our choices. The trick is to be centred with in your heart to be able to FEEL what is right for you in this present moment.

When we spend to much time analysing and pulling it all apart from our logical mind/head space, everything gets confusing and our thoughts appose our feelings, which makes it all the more confusing as to which direction to take.

We then seek outside validation and advise from others which adds to the confusion even more, particularly if that advise is tainted with their own agenda and needs.

The truth is – even if you make a decision that leads you to an undesired outcome, your internal heart compass will continue to lead you forward in the direction of your souls whisper.

Much like the navigational system in your car/phone – when you take a wrong turn it just re orients itself to continue to lead you to the desired outcome based on where you currently are!

Our life is made up of continual choices that re set the matrix of our internal and external world each time we make them.

Your life is a life of design and it was always designed to be this way.

You cannot get it wrong.

You can, however, make it a little smoother…easier…  and perhaps a little faster in terms of manifestation if you take the time to deeply feel into each decision.  The purpose of your heart space and your emotional guidance system is to be your inbuilt private navigational system!

Either way, your journey will be filled with learning, opportunities to hear your wisdom and insights clearer and louder and the perfect path to expand and embody more of your TRUTH.

Will you make the decision to listen and feel your way through?

I invite you to look back on your life journey and witness your path with so much appreciation for how your choices have gifted you with more strength, courage, love, joy, freedom, truth and knowledge of who you are – through the pain, the stretching, the seemingly monumental fuck-ups,  and through the joy and love along the way.

I also invite you to then focus on who you have become. Who are you right now in this present moment? Sit with yourself, send love and appreciation to every cell in your body. Celebrate the magnificent piece of life art that you are! Acknowledge that it is your life journey that created YOU as you are now.

Pure IMperfection.

Every decision YOU make is on path and on purpose. You cannot get it wrong.

8 Tips to knowing you are making your decisions via your heart and higher self’s guidance:

  2. You may be a little apprehensive and scared but you also feel a deep sense of excitement and expansion within your body and heart when you focus on it.
  3. You have dreamed and/or had visions come to you of what you are about to launch, create or enter into.
  4. It might feel like a crazy idea and out of the norm but you know it will benefit yourself and others.
  5. You cant explain it but you feel a deep sense of knowing that this is the next step.
  6. You feel light, supported and nurtured by your decisions.
  7. There is an ease and a flow to how your idea or decisions are coming to fruition. Even if there are a few bumps in the road, these clear simply and easily and reveal greater potential.
  8. Synchronicity is happening all around you.


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