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Grace Alchemess

We can all settle into a memory of when life just seemed so painful and tough, like our whole world was about to crumble and we would be left with pieces to reassemble into something that we could call a life?

Or maybe you are going through something like this now? Maybe your relationship is shifting, ending, or transitioning into a new way of being? Maybe your kids are experiencing hard times and you are doing the best you can to support the fall? Maybe it’s an internal shift with your own relationship with self, a self-realisation that you have been self-abandoning, putting your self last on the list, people pleasing from your core wounding of not feeling enough or deserving of unconditional love, not allowing your self to be held, just pushing through life to get to an end point, whatever that end/relief point is for you?

The most important point of being in struggle or in the eye of a change storm is that the more you push, control and struggle against it… the more it pushes back. Change and transformation has its own momentum and its own navigational system. It knows and trusts itself beyond its own capability because it knows it has the entire divine realm and multiverse behind it!

Resisting its power and its love for you will only cause you more pain and struggle, plus drag out the time it takes to actually integrate and live the change!

This is where GRACE steps in.

Grace is the breath of the divine, always with you, constantly supporting you and your life.

When we allow ourselves to be held by grace we allow the ease and flow of change to come in and redesign our present situation.

Grace holds us in a state of trust, surrender and faith. Allowing us to witness the wonder of how life is always working for us and with us, not against us!

Grace lifts us out of our limited fear-based human logic and into our natural state of knowing. Being able to create through love and meet our life with intuitive trust, ease and flow.

What if every time you had, disappointment, challenging life changes etc – you could soften and lean into the knowing that these circumstances are actually being brought forth in response to your desire for a more fulfilled and joyful life? That it’s your higher self-orchestrating life events, people, relationships and circumstances on your behalf to give you what you actually WANT and NEED?

You can.

Ask Grace to hold you, surrender any need for control or manipulation and allow the miracle of life to work for you.

Grace is within you, every time you take a breath she is there waiting for you lean in and allow her to hold you.

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