H O N O U R the present with your P R E S E N C E.

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P R E S E N C E 

I often say that the most simple practices and truths are the most profound and like ‘breath’, ‘presence’ is one of the most profound practices we can master and anchor into.

But do we really understand what it means?
I know now I didn’t, until I really did! 

It wasn’t until the events of this year that were blindingly painful and heartbreaking that I was thrown into my own presence.

The reason being present is so profound is because it anchors us into our
A W A R E N E S S.

Our awareness of our physical body, each emotion, the energies and people around us, our environment, our egoic mind and our N O W  experience.
All of the above is A L L we ever need to be aware of! 

We tend to think as humans that we need to be so aware of our past so we don’t repeat it and the future so we can create it. Its programmed into us from the beginning that we need to be in control of our lives. 

WE DONT!!! and because we don’t need to be, we actually are!
I know that sounds a bit crazy but let me explain – we are all designed with a higher self and our I AM presence + a whole team of spirit guides and light families. Its what makes up our multidimensional selves. 

This design was on purpose so we could sit in the passenger seat and trust our guidance system to navigate the way. All we have to do is be present and aware of the now moment and everything that is IN it.
Our decisions and intentions made from this place are always in alignment with our higher self, which has all of the information, clarity, truth and wisdom available to and for us. 

The other flip side of presence and awareness is its medicine of Alchemy. Once we place our presence onto an emotion, a thought, a sensation/pain in the body and onto our innate inner voice of guidance we set forth the energy of alchemy. This means it can move and flow… without the awareness and presence of your consciousness it tends to stay more dormant and can easily build up and get stuck within the physical body. 

H O N O U R I N G the present moment with your presence is also the magical elixir to all of your relationships and creative projects.
What is the biggest wounding within our relationships? lack of connection and presence!
Just honouring another with your undivided presence as they speak, touch, commune with you IS the greatest honour you can gift them.
It completely transforms relationships!
Try it and experience the shift. 

Im going to leave you with an experience I had with my dad about a week before he passed over. 

It was just me with him in his hospital room and we were joking around a little with sarcasm and our Gurney wit when I said to him that he should really tell me how much he loves me as I record it on my phone to listen to in the future.

We continued joking around and after about 15 minutes he eventually asked me to sit on the bed while I layed my head on his chest and cuddled him as he wrapped his arms around me. He went on to say that I could never understand the love he has for me at his end and that I was one of the most beautiful girls he has ever known. He could barely express the love as it was so painful for him to say it for what he knew was going to be one of the last times he could in physical form. 

I layed with my head on his heart for what seemed like eternity with tears streaming down my face  in silence, totally present in the most sacred moment I have ever experienced up until that point. I eventually spoke and replied with how much I loved him and expressed that I loved him so much it hurt. 

He agreed that it hurt and then said “if we dont live through it, we will live over it”

My dad really had no clear idea of the work I do or the #tamarism’s, he understood the Homoeopathic medicine side of my business but was always telling me to stop the witchy spirit stuff lol.

After his comment I laughed and told him how wise those words were and named it as a #lionelism. Dad just smirked and looked up at me with his big blue eyes as if to say  – well your not the only wisdom keeper in the family lol. 

Why is this relevant?
Dad was of course talking about Honouring the present with your presence. No matter what the present moment holds for you. Honour it with your presence. Live through it, not over it.
The pain, the joy, the unknown, the everything! 

Loving my dad so much hurt because that level of love is ever expansive, it stretches you and illuminates the shadows within that hold fear and resistance. Its transformative alchemising love and with transformation comes pain and uncomfortableness. Its not a negative hurt at all. Its one to be embraced with our presence and our own source of love. 

Life happens through you, not to you.
Open yourself up to experience it all. To experience all of your self.
It IS why you are here and it is your innate divine design to do so.

You may like to start by asking yourself these 3 questions – 

How present am I in each moment?
How present am I willing to become?
How does being present feel to me?

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