Inner Alchemy

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Hello Beautiful Heart,
How are you…?

If you are not in the best of places please know that you are in the best of places. Yep I know, that sounds like bullshit, but I really want you to know that no matter how you are feeling or where you are finding yourself in the game of life, you cant get it wrong.

The gift of being a multidimensional being of light in this human physical form is that E V E R Y T H I N G we experience is all part of our inner remembering of who we truly are.

November is going to be a big month of healing the density from our bodies and our energy field, so we are all going to need a lot of compassion and love for ourselves and each other!

I have personally been in deep healing and clearing of my physical body, with much physical pain arising and the invitation to look at how I care for my body and where my priorities sit in terms of self care and commitment.

What has been surfacing alot is the feeling of safety or lack of it… I have lived most of my life highly connected to mother earth, the animal kingdoms, and my star and spirit families. I have never truly felt at home in my body or with other humans. This has been due to the nature of my soul but also lifes experiences as a very young girl which perpetuated the feeling of lack of safety. What I am now experiencing is the deepest inner alchemy and healing of this structure/paradigm/belief/trauma.

Unification of self.

I have also been witnessing this invitation in my clients and friends..

I use the word invitation because thats exactly what it is! Each and every painful emotion, trigger, memory, experience IS an invitation and opportunity to go within and embrace all of your self.

I use the question “what opportunity am being gifted within this experience to meet more of myself?”

In other words – what is the invitation here? What am I being offered to see about my self that I have not been willing to see? What parts of myself are inviting me in for healing, inner alchemy and holy unification through absolute love, truth and compassion?

I have come to believe that we never truly ‘release’ old outdated aspects of ourselves – instead we alchemise them, transform them and unify them within the expanded higher consciousness of that which we ultimately are.

When our higher consciousness is ready to awaken within us and be consciously embodied, which is does in waves.. it catalyses the denser consciousness and energies within through inner alchemy,  to then be transmuted and unified within our higher consciousness which is always a higher frequency than that which we have been previously conscious of. This is what we usually call healing and clearing or transformation/transmuting.

The point I want to make here is the we are not actually loosing parts of ourselves in this process  – we are moving through the magical and powerful process of Inner Alchemy.

The invitation today from my heart to yours is to welcome and celebrate this process through allowing it all to take place without the enmeshment, attachment and labels of struggle, resistance, overwhelm and drama.

All of the emotions and sensations you may be feeling are perfectly acceptable and all part of the process, its so important not to make any thing “wrong” or “right” with any part of being human but what I am inviting you to do is to allow it all to move and alchemise through and within you with the knowledge and wisdom of acceptance and allowing.

Doing this will take the struggle and the drama out of it and allow you the inner space it needs to move you into more of who you already ARE.

A WAKE IN = AWAKEN (that just came to me, so I had to put it in lol)

One more tip regarding space – please allow yourself the space you need to move through your own process and respect your loved ones in their processes too. Everything is energy, we are all energetic beings and being able to honour and respect the energy within and around you is paramount to your lifes experience!

Take inventory of the space around you and within you. What might you change, shift, say yes too and no too that will create the space and harmony to support you? Does your beloved, your children, your friends feel like they may need some space also – tune into their energy and feel for the knowing or gently ask them if that is the best way to support them right now?

We are shifting and expanding on a daily basis, so no two days or moments are the same.. It definitely makes for a crazy ride but it also requires absolute self awareness and self honouring.

” Every human experience is a divine invitation into more of my expanded sacred self” #Tamaraism

Accept your own invitation beautiful one.

My heart is with you and as always, I am here as your soft place to land when you are in need of guidance and support.