Inner Child + The Mother Wound

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Hello Beautiful Soul,
In my very reflective mood today, I feel pulsed to write a little about the mother wound and inner child healing. This is a very brief overview as it is a huge subject.. so I hope you receive some blessings from it in this now moment.

What do you think of when you hear “mother wound”? Do you drop into all the ways you feel hurt and disappointed by your mother and her ways of mothering? Or maybe you feel you have let your own child down by not being the mother you deeply wanted or thought you would be?

Your perspective is EVERYTHING here.

Healing any form of pain, trauma and wounding is about our perspective of it. Healing is a process of alchemising and transforming our original experience and perspective of it into the highest perspective and understanding through our highest consciousness.

This does not involve bypassing the pain and trauma, with some spiritual gold dust.
It involves deep considered work and the willingness and readiness to accept our experiences as our teachers and facilitators into our realised divine sovereign self.

Each experience we have, we view through our most dominant lens of perspective. Our perspective creates how we experience our human lives on a mental and emotional level.
To heal and to move into a higher perspective is to shift that perspective through a deeper understanding of life/relationships and being a multidimensional human.

One of the greatest paths to healing, I believe so deeply, is through our inner child self.

Our inner child self holds the seed of our original divine spark, our pure innocence and pure highest perspective and consciousness.

We enter into this body, into this experience with ALL that we need, all that we are to become and all that we innately know. Nothing comes from outside of us.

The human experience, as we live into it and all that it entails, creates many layers and distortions through conditioning and programming of how we perceive – therefore how we experience our experiences.

Our first relationships are with our parents – Our mother, in the womb.

Depending on your experience and relationship with your mother or mother figure/s, you may have, differing degrees of wounding. Maybe you didn’t feel heard, protected, seen, truly loved and accepted. Maybe you were abused in some way physically/emotionally or mentally. Maybe your mother wasn’t present, or emotionally available and you felt abandoned in some way? Maybe she was angry and unhappy and you felt it was your fault? Maybe she was so enmeshed in her insecurities/resentment/victimhood, pain and own woundings that she projected them onto you?

There are so many examples of how and where a wounding is created and experienced.

Once a wound is created, it also holds the foundation for your perspectives around how you see yourself and your mother. Which leads to how you also see others. Life continues to give you experiences and they get filtered through this perspective which cements and enables it as your truth each time. The cycle is now very active and what you are now continuously perceiving is yourself as a victim. A disempowered state of being, a wounded victim that feels much pain through life. Victim consciousness holds you in a state of distrust, in yourself and in life. It’s a painful and completely disempowering cycle.

So how do we heal this?

We heal it with that same tool that created it – PERSPECTIVE.
+ limitless amounts of gratitude, love, compassion, understanding and our higher consciousness.

Who do we work with to heal this?

Our inner child self.

She/he holds the key –  our inner child self knows and holds our higher consciousness within them and they also hold the false truth of the perspective that is creating the pain of the experience.

Our inner child is our power centre. Our original divine spark. It’s working with the human perspective and the holy sovereign divine consciousness of our inner child that creates true and complete healing, alchemy and transformation.

On this journey of inner child work, we begin to see our mothers in a very different way. We see them and honour them as human beings, as multidimensional beings, as perfect role players giving us the experiences we ultimately needed to come home to our own power and inner divine parent. We can understand that they were doing the best they could in each now moment based on their own relationship with themselves/their own childhood experienes/programming and conditioning.

Ultimately on a soul level we chose our parents not for what they could give us but for what they COULDN’T give us.

Within this perspective we start to see where our own path is, in stepping up in our role as our own parent. To experience our inner empowerment to be our greatest healer, teacher and deepest infinite source of divine love.

The outcome and beautiful aspect to healing our mother wound is to arrive at and remember that we are all our own divine parent. To understand that those around us are here to play their roles in the experiences that truly teach us more about who we are and why being human is the ultimate honour in bridging ‘heaven’ on earth. In bringing and embodying the cosmic truth and love within the human being and human experience. To truly be the realisation of all that we are, here in this body, in the human experience.

Inner child work brings us to a place of safety and stability within ourselves and the world around us. It also naturally invites us into a deeper connection with our divine mother Gaia who holds us in her energy field, continually nurtures us, guides us and provides for us. She is our true earth mother and teacher, designed to show us our way home – back to our unified heart centred self.

You can begin this process of inner child healing by intending to connect, listen, commune and feel for your inner child self each day. Bring your presence to her/him. Gift them your undivided attention and truly hear and feel them.

When you feel anger, grief, frustration tune into them and listen to what they are trying to express to you. When feeling joy, appreciation, excitement also tune into them and thank them for showing you what lights up your heart and soul, what is currently soul nourishment for you.

Your inner child self will constantly guide you  – L I S T E N   +   F E E L

Always follow through with what they are asking for, be THE parent. Hold them in absolute unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. Gently begin to show and explain a new way of perceiving themselves and what you have experienced together. Thank them for ultimately enabling you to experience your courage and strength and your own truth. Explain to them that every experience is here to gift an opportunity to awaken into your hearts truth and your divine sovereign self. Have some fun, be free!

Our truest self is FREEDOM.

Changing our perspective from victim consciousness to unity and heart consciousness allows us to be fully in our power and freedom – In our sovereignty!

I am sending you so much love 💛

Take care of you and your sacred inner child self.

Allow this work to open you up to more of who you innately are.

YOU are pure source infinite light.