Its OK… Your OK

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Dear Reader,

Just a little love note to remind you that your really doing ok.

You don’t need to be anywhere else right now.
When and If you do need to be elsewhere, you will know it within a single moment and a full body inner pulse.

We are all so programmed to think and believe we need to know all of the answers about our life all the time.
We dont.

Life is completely fluid.
Forever changing.
Always rearranging.

There is never a single point of completion, where everything is in line with perfection or how its all supposed to be.

When you need to know something, you will know it.
In the exact moment you truly need to know it.
Our choices and decisions are only ever best made in these moments of truly deeply knowing.

There is a signal generated just for you, if you are grounded in your body and in your self without looking externally for the answers you cannot miss or confuse your own signal.

We are the greatest technology in existence.

You are completely safe to feel all that you are feeling.
Within all that you are feeling is a stillness that only you can touch.
That stillness is you.

You don’t need to cultivate it, find it, search for it.
You can put down all of that which encourages you to believe you need to become more or less of who you think you are.
You are always being informed from the inside out by all that you truly are.

Be still for a moment.
Feel for your own self.


Be still for a moment.

Connect, soften, align with your own self.

You are all and everything that you need in this very moment…

L o v e.