Lets Talk M O N E Y + Investing In S E L F!

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Hello Beautiful Soul,

let’s talk money and investing in S E L F.

A little pre warning… this may trigger a little. I invite you to allow it and embrace it if it does.

To be honest I’ve been sitting on this for a while… witnessing what’s around it and doing the inner work personally before I share my insights and feels around this subject.

Its time for me to express myself…

I put my prices up around two and a half years ago, It had been quite a few years since I had and quite frankly I was burnt out from over giving and a lack of boundaries!

I was on call 24/7, I would show up no matter what to my clients, and I would spend my time outside of sessions thinking about what more I could do to support them because I didnt feel like I was taking them as far as I wanted to or knew I could.

Over the last 17 years of business I have given my everything.

The decision to up my prices to actually reflect the value of my offerings came after a huge realisation that I was totally undervaluing what I have to give.
I was burnt out and I was bored.

So, I took the leap. I knew there was going to be clients who would never return and I also knew there was going to be others who would embrace and honour my value and keep coming.

You see – If I up-level and quantum leap I also show and support you to also up-level! My leaps are YOUR leaps if you choose to show up to them.

I anchored in to my self worth, recognised what I was giving out and I fully backed myself. How else can I mentor you to do that if I am not walking that way first? I cant.
A true teacher reflects back to you your own magnificence and inner god source light. They must embody what they are teaching to actually authentically teach it.

W A Y   S H O W – E R

Over these past few years, I have felt and heard the whispers of clients being pissed at me for upping my prices, being triggered because I’m now “unaffordable” and is she ‘really worth it now’

Here’s the bomb darlings – If you believe something is unaffordable or unattainable to you, thats within YOU. Thats your own limitations and your own belief system fucking you over. It actually doesn’t have anything to do with the monetary investment into my offerings at all.

When we are willing to invest our money, time, commitment and presence into something that will support our expansion, healing, transformation and relationship to all that is… all that is, transforms, heals and expands both within us and around us.

If a few hundred dollars feels like too much for you to invest, to receive the support, guidance and healing that you are wanting for yourself, then there is a gold nugget of resistance for you to see, feel into and expand.

Feel into it…. feel into the beliefs and conditionings around that. Do the inner work to find the truth of what its illuminating within you.

I devote my entire fucking life to this path, to my own inner work so I can show up for my soul clients in my fullness, in my integrity, alignment and within my open heart. My continual inner work never stops and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I say Yes to who I Am so I can stand in my light and lead.

It can be tough, overwhelming, challenging and it has asked huge things of me that require deep courage and trust. It also continues to expand me in ways that are unimaginable.

I show up for myself so I can show up for you.
I know my worth so I can lead you into yours.

I also continuously invest my love, light, money, energy and time into creating the most sovereign, sacred, beautiful space and energetic container for you to be completely held in. I have rent to pay and all of the costs of running a business and life, just like all other humans.
let’s let go of this bullshit belief that just because someone is doing ‘gods work’ or ‘spiritual healing’ that they should be continuously sacrificing themselves and not receiving an exchange in the form of money for it!!!

Ive given away thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of my time, medicines and energy in the past years and as long as I was willing to do that, people were willing to take it. Of course. Thats how it rolls… the acknowledged rescuer within us knows this.
I gave from my heart and also from an old paradigm of giving giving giving without recognising the need for my own nourishment and boundaries. It was a huge and wonderful realisation that I had to step out of it in order to authentically be all that I could be in service.


Money is energy exchange. Our relationship to money directly relates to our relationship with ourself.


I dont do this ‘work’ for the money I do it because it’s who I AM.
Because I am so passionate and committed to being of service. However… I am human and being human requires currency in the form of money in this dimension. I also know that I, just like you, deserve and respect prosperity and abundance. I unapologetically say YES to prosperity and I will celebrate it in all the ways it comes into my experience.

My prices will continue to rise over the years as I continue to rise, and as I am able to take you further and deeper into your sacred sovereign self.
I will continue to fully honour, respect and celebrate the homoeopath/healer/mentor/soul guide/psychic medium/channeller/creatrix/wisdom keeper/paradigm shifter/writer/light being and human that I AM and that I offer you!

I invite you to soften in to yourself and feel for the edges that hold scarcity, lack and limitation.
I may not be the right mentor for you but whoever you resonate with to guide and support you on your path, please honour their light and all that they give and offer you by graciously and with upmost respect giving your money in exchange for the potentially life changing service.

In doing this you are also honouring yourself and your own capacity to E X P A N D.

If we are willing to invest our hard earned money into ourselves, we naturally want to fully show up and reap the full benefits of that investment.

Part of my intention for raising the prices, was to call forth the resonant and aligned soul clients that are truly ready to up level and expand, to do the work, to traverse their deep inner landscape and truly ReMember their truth. To be the realisation of all that they are!
Soul clients who want and are excited to invest themselves, their energy and their money in exchange for the soul medicine, wisdom and support I offer them.

If thats you? 

I want to work with you!💥🔥⭐️

If its not you, there are many wonderful mentors our there who dont have the same prices or offerings as I and will be a much better fit for you. I completely honour and respect resonance.

As I come to the end of this love letter, my heart wants to express my gratitude for those of you who have shared in what has been some of the most incredible, transformative sessions in these past 2 years that I have ever experienced and witnessed.
It is a true honour to walk the way with you and continue to L E A P and R I S E in our sovereignty and In our W O R T H.

Thank you.