M O N E Y – What we invest in will stay!

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Ive been thinking and feeling into a-lot lately where I am investing my money.

Being a one woman show in my business for the last 17yrs It shows you and takes you down many roads of self discovery. One of the biggest being the discovery of your relationship to money and definition of success! (more on that in another SoulSpeak)

This past 18 months has been a huge road to travel for all businesses. Some thriving and some falling away. What has become so clear to me is that we have to power to choose where we put our money, therefore we have to power to contribute to what thrives and what falls away.

There is a lot I could talk about in regards to money, the programming of how we see it, use it, make it but for now I feel a deep pulse to call your attention to where and how you are personally using it and the huge impact that has.


The simple fact is – What we invest in will stay. What we dont invest in, will go.


The world is changing in so many ways and with that change, comes changes in our currency, how we live and what agendas and motives are behind how we live and use that currency.

I really feel it’s time for us all to put our big girl and boy pants on and be completely conscious of the power of money. Not in terms of the ‘power’ to manipulate, be deceitful, control, over power, greed, corruption etc but the power to invest in the people, businesses, projects, creations, land, nature, animals, communities, partnerships that we want to THRIVE as part of the new world!

lets consciously decide to align our purchases and our money exchanges with the purity and heart of who we truly are. Lets consciously decide to purchase and use the services of businesses and people that we deeply want to see THRIVING in this world because they create and live with integrity, love, and honesty in alignment with nature and a world that is based on equality, deep affection and connection.

Let’s claim our sovereignty and actually start acting from it when it comes to the power we have each and every day to create a world that is free from corruption and bullshit.


We have that sovereign power with every single purchase we make.


I know and understand it can be a difficult decision sometimes to break out of the conditioning and mindset of ‘I cant afford it’ or ‘Ill go with the cheaper option’ and sometimes yes our financial situation genuinely dictates that but in some small way and sometimes a big way we can all start to make the change today.

I invite you to support the businesses, products, services and people who are truly a part of this new beautiful world and are standing upright in their integrity, aligned, proud and courageous as shining lights.

There has never been a more important or more powerful time to deeply consider where you are spending your money. 

We are the change makers! 

I also want to acknowledge, celebrate and honour all of  the business owners out there doing it tough, taking it day by day, literally.

Its fucking tough, I know it, Im experiencing it too but let me remind you all just how amazing you are, how much courage and strength you have within you. There are no fails here. There is only life. Remember who you are and why you are doing this. The road has many turns where we cant see where its taking us but YOU HAVE GOT THIS!
Sometimes the vision and plans completely dissolve only to reveal a new path to walk. A path that requires more of your self to be revealed and thats always the greatest gift.

Your feet always know where to land. Stay grounded and trust your path.

I see you.

I appreciate you.

I honour and I celebrate you.




Also – A huge thank you and so much love to the dearest most beautiful Leanna who nominated me for SA WOMAN awards 2021, heart category.

I received this notification a few weeks ago when I was feeling really challenged and low in regards to my self and business. Reading Leanna’s words on why she nominated me sparked many tears and an inner journey, revealing to me the many ways I don’t acknowledge my self, my work or the impact of it, enough.

It was such a deep and grace-full gift that landed with me very powerfully at the most perfect time.


“I have never experienced a service that fits the HEART category in such a profound way before. Tamara’s 1:1 sessions hold space for deep connective inner work in a soft, gentle yet potent way.


The depth of care Tamara offers her clients is a level I have never encountered in the past and is a gift to anyone who is wanting to do some personal development and healing.


This is her life’s work. She embodies what it truly means to lead a heart led business. I am forever changed by being in her presence and guidance.” Leanna


Acknowledging, celebrating and appreciating each other and our own selves opens up new spaces for more of our light and purity to be revealed from the inside out!

Let’s not ever underestimate the importance and power of that.


Thank you for receiving me.
Thank you for supporting my self, my work and my business.
I deeply appreciate you for it 🤍