Path of The Phoenix

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Hello Beautiful Heart, 

I have been moving through (still am) a huge transformational path of the Pheonix, where every part of my life and relationships has been turned inside out to reveal all that does not align with truth and authenticity. 

Have you been experiencing this yourself in some ways or witnessing it in others?

The path of the Pheonix is a medicine I have used since Pheonix came to me a few years ago in a dream. In the dream I was back at the farm I grew up on as a little girl, Pheonix came from great heights and landed on my left arm. We bonded and sat together without words but in full communication. I understood in that moment that Phoenix was an aspect of me coming home.

Ever since, I have carried the fire of transformation and transmutation into my life, relationships, friendships, one on one sessions, business and offerings.

With this medicine plus my own souls purpose comes a deep desire for truth. A seeking that is insatiable for me. I stand in the intention and purpose of illuminating all that is hiding in the shadows and all that isn’t in alignment with love and truth to be revealed and met with the light of pure consciousness. 

The universal energies at this time are supporting this process, as you would be witnessing, so much illusion/deception and suppression all over the world in so many different constructs that are being burnt and dissolved, revealed – in order to rise from the ashes with the power and potency of absolute truth and love. The true Divine Feminine and Divine masculine are rising. Christ Consciousness is flowing in. 

When we are experiencing this potent alchemy of transmutation and transformation in any area of our lives, it can feel and look as though our whole world is crumbling, literally.

It actually has to dissolve and leave your experience to make room for the authentic expressions and relationships to be either re-birthed or manifested into your reality. 

While its a devastating and deeply painful experience, it is also so important that you do your best to come to a place withIN that is still, trusting and surrendered.

Everything that is happening in our life’s experience is designed by our higher selves to take us deeper withIN and to reveal our authentic essence so we can then design our lives around who we truly are, individually and collectively.

Deep core healing is also taking place through this process. All of your emotional and physical pain from your entire life’s experiences gets alchemised and begins to move out of your body.

I know and understand how hard it can be. I understand the struggle and the pain, but I also want you to know in your heart and your centre that everything is truly ok. You are safe to trust the unfolding, the fire, the mess, the pain and you are safe to fall apart and allow more of yourself to be revealed and birthed. 

Take the time to be silent, in sacred space, nature. Rest as much as your body asks you to. Give to yourself in every way that is calling to receive. 

The more open you are, the more you can receive the inner guidance and healing of the transformational alchemy taking place. The more open you are, the more you can create, allow and surrender. The more open you are the more conscious you become. 

I am holding you and sending you so much love. 

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