Episode 11 : Leanna Bishop

Tamara Gurney

In episode 11 of Your Sacred Sovereign Self Podcast I introduce you to the Incredible Leanna Bishop!

Leanna is a relationship mentor who walks you through your own relationship with Self so you can have the relationship you want with your partner, family and those dearest around you.

We share our thoughts around Self honour, breaking the patterns of self sabotage and self hate and being an example for the children and for humanity.

Leanna is super passionate about her work and leading women into their own empowerment to be all that they are and to live in absolute fullness!

It is such a delight to connect with Leanna, stay tuned for some events we will be working on together in the last half of 2021!

Take a break, make yourself a cuppa tea and immerse your self in our open, transparent, un edited conversation. I hope it gifts you the inspiration to connect with your Self on a much deeper level.

InJoy 🌹


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You can connect with Leanna on her Instagram platform  – @leannabishopcoaching


Your Sacred Sovereign Self Podcast
Your Sacred Sovereign Self Podcast
Episode 11 : Leanna Bishop