Episode 10 : Hayley Milano

Tamara Gurney

Introducing my very dear friend and sacred sister, Hayley Milano.

Hayley is an intuitive voice coach, who guides you on your journey back into your full expression of self through connecting with and using your own voice!

In this episode we talk about purifying and shedding all that we are not and coming into the realisation that we are nothing that we thought we were. The importance of our voice in these times, our programming and attachments and how life transforms when we let them go.

We also talk about Hayley’s journey over the past year living in another country away from her business, family, friends and familiarity and what gifts and opportunities that presented.

Lots of juicy goodness that I hope lands with you and opens up some space within for Self reflection.

InJoy 💎


You can connect with Hayley at her website below and on FB and Instagram under Singing Sydney.



Your Sacred Sovereign Self Podcast
Your Sacred Sovereign Self Podcast
Episode 10 : Hayley Milano