Rawness, Realness and Rebirth

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The words I am sharing flowed onto the page after one of the very special women in todays SoulSpeak Session sent me an email expressing that she had no specific questions or topics but that she just needed to sit and be in the moment, within the beautiful sacred space and to be surrounded by soul sisters of rawness, realness and rebirth.
It sparked a contemplation within me…
What actually is Rawness, Realness and Rebirth?
Why and how are they connected?
This is what followed…
Its only when we are being completely r a w (honest) with our selves, that we can be r e a l with our selves and this is a constant r e b i r t h of the truth of who we really are!
Being honest and real with ourselves means we can acknowledge our identities, patterns, programs and conditioning and therefore make the choice as the whether we will act from these identities or act from the purity and truth of who we are and have always been underneath the layer upon layer of them.
This is the rebirth.
Every time we make that empowered choice we are r e b i r t h i n g ourselves into this reality over and over again.
We rebirth ourselves within our selves over and over again.
We become and embody more and more of our true selves over and over again,
Moment. By. Moment.
Being anchored into our bodies, feeling all of the sensations, feeling our internal source connection and our own healing ability informing us, is how we be real, raw and honest from the inside out.
The importance of this all happening from the inside out is paramount because it requires us to obey only our own unique signal, our own connection, our own guidance which only ever comes from the purity and truth of who we are. It doesn’t come from any source outside of our selves, it doesn’t come from the identities we play or the programming and conditioning we believe is us.
It’s living life from our own signal and frequency, which is the most powerful, dynamic, potent and unfuckwithable way of living, and being.
It rearranges reality as we know it!
Making the choice to act from our own signal and frequency in everything we do, everyday, has an unimaginable impact on those around us and the earth.
Being raw, real, honest and rebirthing ourselves over and over again is our only responsibility and our greatest contribution to this incredible world of nature and all beings within it.