Rise of the Divine Feminine – Soul Nectar Show

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Did you get the idea that being angry or hateful is wrong? When those emotions rise up within you, do you shame, blame and judge yourself and then disown that aspect of yourself that was feeling anger or hatred?

Tamara Gurney is a mentor for inner alchemy that guides clients to reclaim all of themselves, including the aspects that were repressed through self-judgement, so they can embody their divine selves and ascend in consciousness. She shares the secrets of working with divine feminine processes to fully embrace and accept your experience on Earth.

Watch this interview with Tamara and witness the transformation in understanding that Kerri Hummingbird received that led to her own reclaiming of self (as shared on Facebook).

#WATCH: www.soulnectar.show or https://youtu.be/6VdhcqEub4k
#LISTEN on iTunes: https://apple.co/31912yu

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