The darkness is an invitation to embody more of your light

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Rather than calling this a Newsletter or a Blog. I like to think of it as ‘SoulSpeak’. Written with the intention to engage and commune with the very essence of who you are. Your soul.

I am very excited to be sharing with you my insights, wisdom and perspectives on a regular basis from here on in..

I hope these writings will support you and guide you on your journey inward and nurture your soul into remembering your own wisdom and innate guidance.
I will always write with authenticity and direct honesty as i am guided from spirit with love, to speak directly to your place of truth.
If you feel triggered by anything you may read, please know that it is a good thing! It simply means it is illuminating an aspect of your belief system or perspective that is calling for transformation, expansion and acknowledgement.

Today’s SoulSpeak is all about emotions, we live in a world where we can either feel totally out of control emotionally or totally void of emotion due to suppression. We are not taught in school or rarely at home as children just how important our feelings are and how to build a beautiful honourable loving relationship with how we feel. I wrote this during a period where i was deep in emotion and felt inspired to share it with you..

It’s OK, It’s Temporary! The darkness is an invitation to embody more of your light.

As a human BEing we are born with an emotional guidance system that guides us into alignment with our higher self and our connection with all that is.
Each emotion that we feel serves a beautiful purpose. I like to think of emotions as words or whispers from our soul.
Today ill be writing about how to honour your emotional guidance system and to fully make peace with how you feel in each moment.
So your feeling a little or a lot off today (or this week/month!), you might be angry, disappointed, frustrated or even just feeling really flat and tired or uninspired perhaps?
GOOD. its OK, actually its more than OK, its perfect!
What..? you might say. why is is good that i feel like crap!?
Well, its good because its temporary and its good because its telling you that you are out of alignment with who you really are and who you really are, is unconditional love and joy. who you really are forever sees the good and the love and the highest potential in herself and her world.
That doesn’t mean that its wrong to feel emotions that aren’t love and joy, no emotion is ever ‘wrong’ it just means that your higher self, your soul, your body and your heart are always calling you to that place. They are designed to always call you to that place of unconditional love and acceptance.
So, what do we do with these emotions?
We LOVE them!
We listen to them, we flood them with full acceptance and leave out the judgment and condemnation. we take full responsibility for them without blaming or shaming anyone else for their existence.
We allow ourselves to FEEL them, we lean into them and allow them to gift us with their insights and messages, allowing them to stretch us, expand our self awareness and take us to new places within ourselves.
Once we have allowed this process to unfold, the emotion then dissipates and you are more than you were before, you have expanded, you have bridged the gap between you and you.
you are more connected to you than you were before.
You have witnessed yourself in your relationship to your inner voice and your emotions, you have self honored and self loved and for this there are infinite gifts and wisdom that lay within your soul, now ready to be expressed by you and received by the world around you.
So next time you feel an emotion, any emotion, whether it be a good feeling one or a not so good feeling one, honour yourself by holding the emotion in your heart and asking it what it has to gift you? what it has to say? what does it need from you? Then follow the insights that come forth. This is the ‘process’ of self honoring. Just as you would intently listen to a child speak her feelings to you, you use the same level of compassion for yourself, the same intent to be present and to listen with love to your own call for attention and acknowledgment and healing.
You don’t need to resist your emotions, they are safe to feel and safe to open up a dialogue with.
Your emotions are aspects of you. aspects of you trying to get your attention. When you really allow yourself to understand and accept the role your emotions play you can then welcome them and make peace with your relationship to them.
Yes, they can feel messy and ugly and sometimes erupt out of nowhere! but its times like those that you need to gift yourself even greater levels of love and compassion.
Your relationship with yourself is your greatest blessing and tool here in this lifetime.
It is your greatest gift to self and your greatest gift to others. For if it is a mastered relationship built on love, acceptance, integrity and honour, so too will all of your other relationships that you are living.

Your relationships with others can only ever be as deep, connected and loving as the one you are cultivating with yourself and it all begins with how you are relating to your own internal environment and emotions.

Holding you in your highest version always ?
Tamara xo

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