The Realisation….

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Hello Beautiful,

life rarely unfolds in the way we think or even imagine it will. Its something I believe, if we as humans could come to a place within that really understands this, our level of joy and peace would be felt so much more deeply.

Over my 44 yrs of life, I’ve often wondered why life as a human is so fucking hard. Why its struggle after struggle with pain and heartache intertwined with the ever soothing and expansive bouts of bliss, joy and fulfilment.

I see so much struggle.. In my 16 yrs of practice I’ve witnessed and held the hearts of thousands sharing their painful experiences. In my own life, in my friends lives, family, in the media.. everywhere there is struggle!

I used to pray to leave my body, not realising really, that for most of my life I was barely in my body anyway. Many days and nights over the years I have begged through my tears to “go home”,  to finish this human experience when I’ve been so tired of the struggle, tired of the push.

Then something happens.

Something always happens.

I realise.

I realise that the struggle isn”t life or being human.

The struggle is the RESISTANCE TO BEING IN life and being in the human experience.

My resistance and control is the actual struggle.

I realise that life is at its most painful when I resit it. When I resist the joyful changes, the painful changes, the growth, the unknown, the frustration, the love, the freedom…

The times when life needs and wants to reorganise itself around my new expanded consciousness, my new desires and needs, my new self honouring boundaries.

I realise that life will always be painful in some ways – what death, new life, growth and expansiveness isn”t?

I realise that if I breathe, connect to my self, feel and listen to my own internal instructions – Im always led by my own truth, by my own source connection.

Im always led by love.

By Self.

And from here life may get messy in some corners, amongst the shit show that presents itself usually when you least expect it but I know Im leading my self through the rain and when the sun shines, ill be the first one out to bask in it with the deepest of appreciation and joy.

I also know that the flowers I bloom could not, without the rain that soaked my roots.

Life is all shades of colour and we as multidimensional humans are here to dance, cry, laugh, scream and expand into all of them.