Togetherness… I AM

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How are you feeling as you move through these challenging times?

If you are here reading this email, you are most likely quite shocked and saddened by what you are witnessing.

Why cant others see whats really going on here..?

Well… as we know there are seen and unseen influences in the shadows at work here with their own agenda that doesn’t have our best interests at heart in any way or on any level. They use fear, manipulation/lies, control and division as a way of forcing this agenda upon humanity.

We also k n o w and can t r u s t that the hidden always at some point becomes the revealed.

Its going to get tougher..
Its going to get more divided..
Its going to get more restricted..

Stay in your lane.
Trust what you know.

If you can feel and know whats really going on, even if you cant put any of it into words or logically express it, you can also feel and know that we are going to get through it. Cluster fucks included, frustration and grief included, loss, pain and huge change all included.

But we will get through this.


For many of us, right now there is a deep desire for silence and space within our own energetic field and personal spaces, away from the fear and craziness playing out within the collective.

Along side of this there is also a longing for connection with those who resonate. Those with whom we can share our truths and feelings with without being condemned, judged or rejected.

Its such an important time to truly stay centred and grounded in our bodies and to act only from our own personal inner instructions + guidance, what feels aligned and true for us in each now moment. 

I encourage you to create time each day to just be in the silence and stillness of   your self.

l i s t e n.

F e e l.

Then choose, act and connect from here.