Triggers are your gift from Self!

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What does it mean to be triggered?

This is something I talk with my Clients and friends about a lot and after coming out of the most intense week of emotions EVER I would love to share my insights with you.

Firstly let me say that we all get triggered. All on different levels and all to a varying degree. Some of us have stages where its all day every day and others on rarer occasions, but we all have our triggers. Its one of the most human experiences we can have.

The twist is, its also one of the most spiritually enlightening experiences we can have! 

To be triggered is to feel an intense emotional/mental and physical reaction to an experience outside of ourselves. This could be something someone said, or did or didn’t do for example. Or it could be an experience you are having with another person/s that has inadvertently triggered off a memory, trauma, belief system or suppressed emotion from within your self.

Its important to know that it is all about your inner environment, not about the outer circumstances or another person.

As a Multidimensional Human we are designed in such a way to constantly find the truth within ourselves.
To find our own connection and remembrance of our divinity. This is the awakening process. Being triggered is a part of that design….
We can think of our triggers as gift from our higher self letting us know that the deeper emotion, belief or trauma that is still existing within us, is ready to be released and transmuted through the inner alchemy process of self love and acceptance.

This process doesn’t have to be hard analytical work.
It can be as simple as recognising the trigger, going within your self  and meeting the emotional pain and any existing beliefs around it and finally allowing it to be held, seen and met with the love of your higher consciousness.

I have seen a HUGE pattern over the last 14yrs while mentoring many women in particular, who navigate their emotional landscape with a need to feel and look like they have it all together while glorifying and desiring the lack of emotion. That the idea of actually being emotional and honest about how they REALLY feel is deemed as ‘loosing it’ or ‘going crazy’. I know I certainly existed in this similar paradigm for a lot of my past due to being told constantly as a child that I was too sensitive and emotional.
Well Im calling Bullshit on this and I deeply want you to understand that the most important aspect of your relationships, all of your relationships is actually about how REAL you are being with YOUR SELF and how willing you are to meet your emotional self!!!

Its time to stop trying to be perfect and have your shit together and desperately attempting to control how you feel and how your life is showing up for you. Its time to make your relationship with your self, your emotions, your beliefs, your expectations, your body, your heart and your higher self, your most honoured and cherished and most HONEST relationship you have. Once you do this your life with show up for you in a very different miraculous way!

Next time you are triggered, resist the temptation to blame someone for it, to make someone right and someone wrong – this is our ego at work here and usually we are so caught up in it, justified  and on a roll with finger pointing that we cant actually see that its our ego running the show!
Instead, take a breath and drop into the understanding that you have been gifted a blessing from your self to alchemize that which no longer resonates with you and your unfolding…. soften and lean in a little deeper. Allow your self to feel without judgement or the need to pull it apart and trust the inner process while you deliberately and consciously meet yourself with unconditional love and full acceptance of what it is you are feeling.

Welcome your triggers with open arms. They are here to serve you! To expand you! Not to constrict or hinder you.
Compassion is your greatest ally and is always waiting for you on the other side of judgement.
Once released they allow the space for you ReMember your divinity and sovereignty.

Remember, you are loved. You are held. All Ways and Always.

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