Where are you Self Abandoning?

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Where are you Self Abandoning?

Where do you abandon your intuition, your guidance, your true north, your wants and desires. 

Where do you say Yes instead of No because you are putting the feelings of another before your own? 

Or perhaps you say Yes out of obligation and guilt and you self abandon your inner truth that is communicating to you just how much self love and attention you are truly needing and denying yourself.

There are so many different ways we can self abandon. 

From the way we eat, to the extreme way we control what we eat due to outside programming and influence. 

Pleasing our partners with trying to show up as the perfect wife/partner out of love but with a dose of inner insecurity and lack of boundaries on the side. 

Believing we need to work a certain way to be successful, show up on social media to prove we are successful and to be seen, when your inner guidance is telling you that your way is a different way and your path of ‘success’ looks very different to that of others.

Adorning and dressing your body in an acceptable way to society instead of expressing your authentic self through how you dress and not giving any fucks what anyone else thinks or might say.

How about pushing yourself everyday to get your list of things done when your body and heart is telling you to rest, sleep, take a walk in nature, read a book, sit and play with your fur child or human child.

Ignoring your intuition when it unequivocally tells you that person is not being honest or transparent with you but you choose your logical minds perspective because what they are saying sounds good and real.

Having sex with your partner when you aren’t really feeling it, and your not overly turned on or physically/emotionally ready but you engage anyway because its been a while, you want to please  him and he is really wanting it. Maybe you have a belief system thats running about the role of ‘wife/partner’ and you step into that role instead of unconditionally honouring yourself and letting your partner know that your not feeling it right now, or maybe you just need more specific foreplay to warm up… 😉

I could seriously write pages and pages of examples on the way we abandon ourselves!

Whats important is recognising where and how you are actually self abandoning. From there you can begin to L O V E your self into a new way and level of self honouring and self communion. 

As you already know, self awareness IS the key to all forms and levels of healing, remembrance and expansion.

I invite you to start your days with the intention to feel, listen and witness your self in every interaction throughout your day. Be in a constant state of self enquiry and feel into how you are responding, what words you are using, what actions do you commit to and take?

FEEL them! How do they feel? 

You know when you are self abandoning because you will feel an inner sensation that will feel constrictive rather than expansive and joyous.
Emotions such as resentment, anger, irritability, sadness, grief, disappointment will show up to let you know you are not in alignment with your inner guidance or authentic self. 

Please dont beat yourself up, or judge yourself for any of it! That will just perpetuate the self abandoning. 

In order to heal we need unconditional and absolute LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. 

This practice is not to show you where you are going wrong, its to bring awareness to where you require healing and love from yourself. It brings awareness to how you can parent all aspects of YOU with accountability, compassion and deep self honour. 

Everything shifts and re orders itself from this point to come into alignment with your inner world and your relationship with your self. 


I did a little 3min video around this. You can watch over at YouTube here