Where You Are Is Where All Of You Needs To Be

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Its really easy to deny Our Self.

We have so much noise in our lives and all around us by the collective – TV, Media, others opinions and projections, Social Media, Mental conditioning, Past traumas…. etc.

If we dont choose to walk our own lane in a very committed and self aware way, we often un knowingly get caught up in the matrix of comparison, denial, self doubt, illusion, ego, numbness, lack of boundaries, lack mentality, loss of hope and self belief.. (the list goes on and on)

Everyday we feel.
As Humans, we are designed to F E E L.
Your feelings are energies moving through you = E – Motion.
Energy In Motion.

The emotions that you are experiencing are a certain frequency, hence why they all feel different. But they are not you. You are not your anger. You are not your grief. You are not your guilt.
Most of us have a belief that if you are experiencing anger, guilt, sadness etc that you are that specific emotion.
This is the main reason why people dont want to FEEL!
If you are identifying yourself as the emotion and that emotion has a negative connotation and alot of judgment around it, it makes sense that you would want to deny it.

You are not your emotions.
Your emotions, feelings, sensations within your body are energies moving OUT of your physical body.
These energies want and are designed to be fluid, in motion.
They act like messengers from your deeply held wounds and traumas, mental and emotional conditioning and your inner child.

We can think of emotions as the highly specialised mechanism that lets us know when we are ready to heal, expand and embody more of our higher self.

Denying your emotions is resisting their flow, their clearing and your personal healing.

Allowing, Honouring and being conscious of your self and all that you are feeling in your now moments IS the only way forward and the only way IN to greater connection, deeper freedom, profound self awareness and wisdom and the greatest gift of all – L O V E of and within S E L F.

I know a-lot of you are feeling so much, clearing deeply and often times feeling overwhelmed with the ups and downs of this life journey!
Today as I soften and lean IN to all that I am feeling and clearing, aware of my judgment on my self and all of the emotions around transitioning, healing, integrating, alchemizing and still coming into a soft landing with grieving my dad which still floors me on days –
I wanted to connect with you through SoulSpeak, send you my love and assure you that where you are is where all of YOU needs to be.

I invite you to let go of any identity placed on how you feel.
How you feel is either what you are releasing or what you are awakening IN to.
For example – JOY is an emotion/frequency that you are awakening in to as it is our natural state of being.
Guilt/Hatred/Shame etc.. is an emotion/frequency that you are releasing from past experiences, conditioning, trauma that naturally wants to move out so you CAN shift into a higher state of being and frequency.

“Where are you today?

Travel IN and feel where you are.

Now connect your awareness to those feelings as you hold your heart so delicately with absolute acceptance and tenderness.

Why would you deny your self?

Why would you accept that these feelings and this now moment is not enough or not acceptable?

Who told you that, and why do you still claim that as your truth?

Your truth is in YOU. It belongs to you in this now moment. It IS YOU. 

Let your body dance with the energies and experience of your human-ness. 

Bring your self together and allow the flow, the union, of great spirit and great physical. 

You are not physical to transcend the physical.

You are physical to embrace the physical and HUEman with all that you are in spirit, in light – Embody. INBody. 

Allow your self to feel, to heal, to squirm, to stretch, to clear, to grieve, to scream, to InJoy, to sit in the nothingness of everythingness and the everything of nothing.

Where are you today?

Where are you right now?

Accept, allow, embrace, surrender and lean IN to where you are.

Experiencing your now with your full awareness fuels your journey with the light of your soul.

Where you are is where you designed your self to be, to feel, to experience. It is where you are but not WHO you are.

No need for comparison, judgment, pushing, blaming, negating.

Its all ok.


Lean In.


Where you now are is where YOU are.

All of you –






Human.Flesh. Bone.

Multidimensional being of light.”

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