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Your Heart is YOUR key to every door you need and want to open.
Most human conditioning involves the mind because the human mind is so powerful and once conditioned to perceive in a certain way, it is very loyal to stay within that limitation. The most incredible thing about the mind however is that once it sees and experiences an alternative perspective it is changed forever and is intelligent enough to know it has a choice. This is where the heart comes in!

The heart is wonderful at choosing. It chooses based on how it feels. What is the most precious commodity within human life?


We chose to inhabit our human life and human body because of the feeling, because we could experience emotion, all senses and use our feelings to interpret and guide us through our human experience on earth in a physical body.

What happens when we loose, numb, suppress, medicate our feelings? We want to check out.. often we want to die and leave our bodies, but mostly we create disease and pain as a pathway to feeling again.

The key to life is TO FEEL.

Feelings are our inner voice, our connection to our inner child, our internal navigational system, our connection to source/spirit/god and to all that is.

We cannot feel our emotions outside of ourselves and we cannot be given or forced to experience emotions from another – they can only be accessed and generated from within your self. 

What is your relationship with your emotions?
Do you ignore them, berate them, tell them they are wrong, drown them with food/alcohol/drugs/sex/analytical thinking etc?

Do you feel like your life is out of control, or maybe it feels dull and lifeless/boring/stagnant? Are you experiencing healthy joyous honest and loving relationships?

If you answered yes to the first question regarding your relationship with your emotions chances are very high that your life isn’t moving in the direction of your desires..

Why? because of your relationship or lack of relationship with your feelings!

when I use the term feelings, I am referring to ALL emotions, sensations, intuitive knowings, nudges, pain and joy with in your physical/mental/emotional and spiritual bodies.

When you invest in and choose to be deeply present with your feelings you are tuning into the most intelligent, greatest and most trustworthy guidance system within ALL that IS.
You were designed this way, human life was designed this way. To live with a navigational guidance system that could never be truly corrupted when accessed through the heart.

I Invite you to deeply feel.
To soften and lean into yourself so you can feel more…
Gently acknowledge any fears or apprehension to have towards truly feeling everything and invite more of your self to speak to you through how you feel.


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