Its OK… Your OK

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Dear Reader, Just a little love note to remind you that your really doing ok. You don’t need to be anywhere else right now. When and If you do need to be elsewhere, you will know it within a single … Read More

The Realisation….

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Hello Beautiful, life rarely unfolds in the way we think or even imagine it will. Its something I believe, if we as humans could come to a place within that really understands this, our level of joy and peace would … Read More

Inner Alchemy

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Hello Beautiful Heart, How are you…? If you are not in the best of places please know that you are in the best of places. Yep I know, that sounds like bullshit, but I really want you to know that … Read More

Path of The Phoenix

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Hello Beautiful Heart,  I have been moving through (still am) a huge transformational path of the Pheonix, where every part of my life and relationships has been turned inside out to reveal all that does not align with truth and … Read More


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YOU do YOU mentoring Adelaide Tamara

For the past few months, I have been cocooned in my own space of contemplation where my inner guidance continually called me IN to my self to reflect and tune into what and how I do life and business. As … Read More