Welcome, from Tamara

I believe that our relationship with our full self - light and shadow, is our greatest and most important responsibility.

To see and know yourself through the perspective of your multidimensional self + pure unconditional love and acceptance, is your natural state of being that I am inviting you to remember and return to.

Welcome to your ReMembrance…


One on One Sessions

My passion and soul’s purpose to guide you back to you, empower and encourage you to embody your higher consciousness and awaken you to your divine sovereign truth make a one on one session deeply powerful and transformative.

A one on one session is a sacred and potent, conscious intention to open, surrender and allow yourself to moved by your inner alchemical process.

I will be your guide and mentor you to re connect with your own truth and essence.

Anchoring you deeply into your sovereignty and divinity.

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Mentoring Programs

The Inner Alchemy and Your Sacred Sovereign Self Mentoring Programs have been created as powerful and potent containers for transformation, inner alchemy, intuitive guidance and deep discovery of your truth.

Each program takes you on a journey inward to meet yourself in a whole new way and at a level that is beckoning you to surrender into.

To be held, nurtured and guided into integrating your multidimensional self within your physical form. ReMembering who you truly are while awaking to your innate gifts and unique medicine + wisdom.

My intention for you, is that you lose yourself to find your self. To be the way-shower for you to become the fullness of who you are and for you to show up as your authentic sovereign self in all that you are living and creating.

Inner Alchemy

I AM Workshops

“Celebrate and embody the rise in spirit after you have travelled the path of inner darkness, with only your light illuminating that which is calling to be transmuted into love”

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Embody Your Higher Consciousness Alchemess Adelaide


The Sacred Space Alchemical Energy Essence product range was first developed in 2008 after Tamara saw a high demand for clients in careers, relationships and environments that were creating negativity, discord and tension and were draining on the mind, body and spirit. This led her to channel and co-create with spirit, a range of bespoke products to clear, balance, align and raise the vibration on an energetic level, whilst being supportive and nurturing on the emotional and mental levels.

Tamara was being called to create multidimensional high frequency tools, that you could work with physically while they were working with you multidimensionally!

The Sacred Space and the latest Heart Space range contain a propriety blend of New Zealand First Light flower and plant essences, pure essential oils, crystal essences, Bach flowers and homoeopathics.
They are infused with sound and spirit medicine, contain a sacred prayer and a high vibrational intention + star and galactic frequencies.

All hand made with purpose, an open heart and unconditional love to support you on your path of awakening to who you really are.

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  • “Your amazing ability to intuitively know is just none other than remarkably divine.” – Hayley

  • “You are an amazing woman, who since the day I met you I found wise, uplifting and inspirational.” – T

  • “I have learnt how it feels to look up and this happens when your soul is filled with hope.” –

  • “Tamara has a rare gift insight into my life, emotions and the way I operate in the world.”
    – Andrew

  • “She immediately puts one at ease and listens without judgment.” – Fiona

  • “Her guidance eventually let me to change my whole outlook on life.” – Anna

  • “She has supported me in developing into the strong, independent and confident woman I am today.” – Heidi

  • “To me, Tamara’s homeopathic remedies are the ‘take away’ for the work to continue once I have left. The real healing starts in her office and with every appointment.” –

  • “With each new day, that which you’re teaching becomes more relevant and even more applicable to my own journey.” –